Egypt, June 2006

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Pyramids (Giza)

First night in Cairo - a view from the Oberoi Mena House hotel at the foot of the pyramids in Giza. Wall decoration The Pyramid of Khafre and Oberoi Mena House hotel. Top of the Pyramid of Khafre. All three pyramids were as smooth as the top of Khafres pyramid originally. Tip of The Great Pyramid with the 30 foot 'spire' at the top to restore it it's original height. \n\nAt 481 feet, The Great Pyramid was the tallest structure on earth for 43 centuries (until 19th century AD). Step pyramid -- precursor to the great pyramids Attendant in front of the Djoser pyramid complex Inside a carpet factory Carpet factory Ramses II Worker Sellers houding a tourist Tourist police Trinkets Making papyrus 'The Weighting of the Heart' - final step in the journey to the afterlife Riding camels by The Pyramids the three pyramids and the opera stage Pyramid of Menkaure and the Queens' Pyramids Sphinx, Pyramid of Khafre, and lots of tourists The Sphinx. In arabic called Abu al-Hol (father of terror). The Great Pyramid with the solar boat museum on the left.


Fishermen on the Nile Boat on the Nile Cairo skyline With Mohamed, our tour coordinator. Icons in a Coptic Christian church Photos of King Farouk, Nasser, and Sadat The only synagogue in Cairo Detail of the cairo synagogue Jewish reading room Trebuchet near The Citadel, main part of Islamic Cairo. Mohammed Ali Mosque at The Citadel Inside the Mohammed Ali Mosque Inside the Mohammed Ali Mosque Inside the Mohammed Ali Mosque View of Cairo from The Citadel Tourist police taking a break

Luxor (Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple)

Colossus of Ramses II The Great Hypostyle Hall Preserved original color of the decoration at the top of the Great Hypostyle Hall Workers in the pool where priests washed before offering sacrifices An egyptian relief vandalized into a cross by early coptic christians who lived in the Karnak temple around 3rd century AD Our guide, Mohamed, catching a ray of light in a room in Karnak temple Tourist shops Three modes of transportation under one roof -- horse buggy, taxi, and microbus Roman portrait in Luxor temple Tourists pouring out of Luxor temple Row of sphinxes that once stretched from Luxor temple to Karnak temple Just a bad idea.. A beduin shop next to Luxor temple. At a locals restuarant in Luxor Cafe on the Nile with a midget waiter

Valey of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple

Map of one of the tombs in the Valey of the Kings Path to one of the tombs in the Valey of the Kings Inside a tomb In front of an entrace to a tomb Stoneware 'factory' Polishing a vase Hatshepsut Temple Original colors of the reliefs Colossi of Memnon


Cafe on the Nile