Screenshot Palm2iPod is a plugin for Windows Palm Desktop 4.1 that will synchronize your Palm Address Book and Date Book information to an Apple iPod.
A new version supporting the ToDo and Memo features of the 3G iPod is in the works.


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  1. Connect iPod to the PC
  2. Start Palm Desktop
  3. Click the small iPod with a green arrow icon in the Palm Desktop toolbar to synchronize!
  4. That's it!
Tip: Make sure the time zone is set appropriately on the iPod (Settings -> Date&Time -> Set Time Zone) or your appointment times may be off by a set number of hours


Version History

User Comments

Great programme - really works!!!!
No need to enter appointments and contacts one by one anymore.
Many thanks!!
-- iPod user on Apple Support Forums

T H A N K Y O U! ! ! ! ! ! Downloaded 4.1 and installed your utility.
Worked like a charm!!!!! I was not using contacts and calendar on my iPod...until now!
You are the man!!!!!!
-- iPod user on iPodlounge forums

Man this is an exelent plugin. It did not work with the Palm Desktop included with my Sony Clie, but after I downloaded the newest version of Palm desktop from and configured it to work with my Clie I was able to use it to sync contacts and calender to my Ipod.
I have been looking for a plugin like this for some time now. It's so easy to use and it's just great.
-- iPod user on iPodlounge forums

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